Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning services from £78

We service both R134A and HFO-1234yf/R1234yf systems!

Re-gas / Recharge

Sometimes, gas leaks occur from porous components within vehicle air conditioning systems. If the pressure becomes too low, the compressor will have to work harder which will increase fuel consumption and cause the compressor to fail sooner. If your car air conditioning isn't as cool as you would expect, it may need regassing. Many manufacturers recommend to do this every 2 years, though this can vary from car to car.

We can re-gas R134A and HFO-1234yf/R1234yf systems. The newer HFO-1234yf gas is used in all vehicles manufactured in 2017 and onwards, but may be found in vehicles manufactured as early as 2011.

Bacterial build up

Air conditioning systems circulate the same air around the car and, because of this, bacteria from the air may build up within the system; often causing bad odours or allergic reactions. If you notice this, your air conditioning system needs to be checked.

Our Air Conditioning Service

Here, at John Hazell Auto Repairs, our air conditioning service is designed not only to diagnose and fix the problem, but also to save you money when dealing with any problems that may occur or persist shortly after. In your A/C service, we will:

  • Vacuum the system to remove all moisture.
  • Perform a leak test to find out from where gas may be leaking.
  • Report any leaks found at the time with costs for parts and labour.
  • Re-fill the system with oil to lubricate the compressor.
  • Inject ultraviolet dye to detect slower leaks not found on the leak test.
  • Re-gas the system.

Our air conditioning service is guaranteed for 3 months. If the gas dissipates in that period of time, there could be a slower leak in the system. We will establish the cause of the leak and report costs for parts and labour to cure the fault. The system will be re-gassed free of charge* if we carry out these repairs.

* Our guarantee only covers the cost of the gas in R134A systems, as HFO-1234yf gas is considerably more expensive. However, the cost of labour is covered by our guarantee for both types of air conditioning system.